Coaching & Counseling Singapore

SGD$20 / hour

Feeling frustrated with your current job as a Training Officer in the intellectual disability sector? Is the lack of knowledge in the sector hindering your progress with your beneficiaries, or even your personal growth? Is the documentation too much for you to handle and little is explained...

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SGD$50 / hour

Having taught in MOE Schools for 10 years, I have worked with difficult children. Many of children have issues related to family, friends and relationships. I have coached and counseled both in one to one sessions and together with parents. If your child is having issues and you are not able to...

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SGD$0 / session
Chow Kheng

Recovery from loss and grief is possible. I offer the Grief Recovery Method program (GRM) to groups and individuals. GRM is an action-based learning with tools to help people move beyond loss and grief. It empowers individuals to take new actions which lead to completion of pain attached to their...

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SGD$130 / hour

I have special affinity to work with Careseekers and/or their dependents challenged by physical disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, dementia, chronic illness, elderly issues etc. on their psychological, emotional and behavioural aspects. My mission is to empower you to function and flourish...

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Kelly tan
SGD$200 / session

Therapy Services In our life journey, we are often faced with emotional and psychological issues arising from relationships in family and the workplace. Other social and difficult situations also may cause depression and despair. The loss of a loved one can be a painful experience....

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SGD$130 / session
Beng Kuan

Having trouble losing weight? Want to get to shape but don't know how? Thinking age is catching up? Losing self-confidence? Don't despair, it's never too late to start, regardless of your age, health and fitness level. I am Trim and Fit for Life programme will not only get you to your fitness and...

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