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SGD$20 / hour

I am a dedicated and passionate nursing assistant, use of medical terminology in work activities comply with workplace safety and measure and record patients vital signs. Assist patients with oral feeding, care of airway, perform lifesaving CPR skills. Perform Patient Care Activities. Demonstrate...

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SGD$20 / hour

Having worked at KKH where I assisted with postnatals, mothers, and newborns I am familiar with handling many different types of cases. I am able to assist in elderly care, daily activities, showering and feeding. I am also able to assist new mothers with breastfeeding,

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Giauw kit lee easy
SGD$18 / hour
Kit Lee

I am a dedicated and passionate nursing assistant looking to provide home care and companionship for both the elderly and young. I have nursing experience in the past in both home care and hospital settings, where I worked in the emergency, orthopaedic surgery, O&G, paediatric and infectious...

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SGD$20 / hour

I working as healthcare assistant for 10 yrs in tan tock seng hospital in cardic department also work other hospital kuat teck puat hospital in operating theratre and juronghealth hospital in endoscopic dept. Nursing is my passionate love to care elderly. My job scope to give tupe feeding for...

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SGD$150 / session

Able to provide assistance in nursing care and procedures such as wound dressing, tracheostomy tube care, suctioning, tube care, etc (excluding male urinary tube change). * Requisites to be provided by patient/ family.

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SGD$25 / hour

- Range of Motion exercises - Suction - NG/PEG tube feeding - NG/Rhyle's tube insertion - Wound care - Medication - Handling of medical logistic

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